I am a professional contemporary dancer and a kindergarten teacher from Barcelona.

Since my graduation at Institut del Teatre (2006) I have been working for few years at different repertoire dance companies. These years have allowed me to grow professionally thanks to the diversity of choreographers and teachers. 

In 2014 I have decided to become freelancer and get the opportunity to work, not only as a performer but, also as a teacher and rehearsal director.

I enjoy the versatile side that dance can offer and I believe that it can provide multiple benefits to anyone that wills to enjoy movement and expression.

Since I have finished my teaching university studies I have got more interested in bringing dance, expression and creativity into school's education. A more artistic education will allow kids to develop better self-knowledge, better relationships and grow in a healthier environment of learning.  

Today's goal is to mix this two branches, such as education and dance, and give new tools to people that could be useful to develop a better society.